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Reformed Two Kingdoms theology is nature-grace gnostic dualism

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"Parents have primary authority for educating their children in the nontheological academic disciplines, but only secondary jurisdiction for educating them in theology  (and in whatever else Scripture teaches).... [Parents] should undertake their children's biblical and theological education ultimately under the authority of their ministers and elders."


David Van Drunen 

R2K Innovator 


This is astounding.


1.) Pray tell David, could you list these putative nontheological academic disciplines?


2.) Why should a parent forfeit their responsibility for their children before a ministerial corps who are largely brain-dead? Parents can mess up their children just as well as Ministers.


3.) Note, this is R2K thinking. Parents can be allowed to teach their children in the areas which have no "Word from the Lord" since they are "common" realm disciplines. However, when it comes to the grace realm, well, this realm requires the experts to teach the children God gave the parents.


4.) This is definitely a nature-grace gnostic dualism. Nature areas are not important so parents can handle that but the grace realm is really important so you need the ecclesiastic experts.