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Tattoos are pagan

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"Tattoos in the current year could be seen as a sort of 'maimgeld': the tribute that White women pay in self-disfigurement to a growing Diversitopia they live in that both covets the White women’s exquisite natural looks and hates it to the verge of eliminationist rage. So all these negative body modifications by Whites could be construed as an effort to blend invisibly into the muddying waters of late stage America."


 "The phenomenon of middle class white men and women getting tattooed is a direct result of having the last semblance of their heritage stripped from them.

White kids no longer identify with western (white) civilization and, in fact, have no idea of its greatness. They are no longer taught such things. What they have been taught by the destroyers is that it was something evil and retrograde. Ink is the longing to be a part of a tribe. It’s no surprise to see most choose the path of least resistance to the default “NBA culture” pushed by the destroyers."

"One cannot but feel sorrow for people who think that by permanently disfiguring themselves they are somehow declaring their independence or expressing their individuality. The tattoo has a profound meaning: the superficiality of modern man’s existence."

~Theodore Dalrymple